Remove Tattoo

We have experience in removing a wide range of tattoos, including tattoos from very delicate and sensitive areas, including:
Eyelid tattoos

Tattoo Removal in Singapore, Remove Tattoo

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Tattoo Removal price, Remove Tattoos Singapore

This is a very sensitive area which requires the right protective equipment, pain relief and laser equipment. We ensure that your tattoo removal is fast and effective, with minimal discomfort.

Scars left behind?

Please note that tattoos may already have a scar below the colored area, so after removal, what’s left is the initial scar from the tattoo itself. Our methods DO NOT create any scarring. However, we can still help. We are able to offer a variety of treatments that will lessen the appearance of the scars and restore your skin’s original beauty.

Eyebrow tattoos

Because the tattoo is done below your brow, certain methods of tattoo removal such as IPL cannot be used. We make use of our Q-switched laser to ensure that only your tattoo is removed, and not your eyebrow hairs with it.

Face and Body tattoos

We make use of a number of modalities to remove tattoos of all colours from your face and body.