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8 November 2010 marks the first time that elure Advanced Skin Whitening Technology launches in Singapore and to the world. elure is the first and only skin lightening product range that works by directly breaking down melanin – the molecule that accumulates in the skin to cause a darkened appearance. This novel targeted mechanism of action found only in elure provides the pathway for a meaningful improvement in the skin’s tone, texture and radiance in as little as 7 days. More than this, elure lightens the skin without the commonly reported side effects of traditional skin lightening products such as skin irritation. “elure is a much anticipated breakthrough in skin lightening,” said Dr. Vivian Bucay, US Dermatologist and renowned skincare expert. “Now my patients and their friends can experience very visible results in just a matter of days.”

The elure Advanced Skin Whitening product line is the first scientifically proven enzymatic skin lightening treatment that utilizes a unique scientific discovery of a naturally occurring bio-active substance called Melanozyme™. Melanozyme acts to immediately target and disintegrate the melanin to diminish dark colored pigment in the skin safely, with virtually no side effects. Unlike many other skin lightening products on the market, the elure product line does not contain Hydroquinone, which has been reported to cause side effects such as skin redness and burning sensations. In addition, while other skin lightening products inhibit the formation of melanin, elure acts to target and disintegrate melanin resulting in a much faster lightening effect.

Skin Whitening in Singapore, Skin Whitening Products, Skin Lightening

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The organically-based active ingredient of elure was developed after almost 30 years of research on a naturally occurring enzyme. “Lignin peroxidase, the active ingredient of elure, is an enzyme derived from a mushroom that grows on trees called Phanerochaete chrysosporium,” said Yoram Karmon, PhD, one of the pioneer researchers of elure. “This enzyme, for many years, had been identified as the key agent in breaking down lignin in decaying trees, and causing rapid decolorization.

Because the molecular structure of lignin, an organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants, is similar to that of melanin, our research confirmed that lignin peroxidase uniquely breaks down or depolymerizes melanin.”

In clinical trials using elure, Alain Khaiat, PhD, President of Singapore-based Seers Consulting and a thirty-year veteran in skincare product development who is also involved in the R&D of elure’s latest lightening technology (primarily in assessing the safety and evaluating the efficacy of the formula) observed: “The safety and tolerability of elure is unparalleled. We tested the product at 17,000 times the recommended human dose and saw no potential for adverse events”.

elure was nominated, in April 2010, as the winner of the New Technology Launch Category Award for 2010 awarded by the renowned Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) magazine. “We are very pleased with the recognition,” said Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, Chairman of Syneron Medical. “The great work performed by the elure team resulted in this significant achievement, which is part of our long term strategy to offer the most advanced and effective technology to the global aesthetic market.”

Product range under elure includes a complete and holistic range of luxurious skin products formulated to quickly and safely lighten the skin.

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