Acne & Pimples

How to Cure Pimples, How to Cure Acne

Are you a lot worried about your acne? People tend to get so much depressed, obsessed and embarrassed that instead of seeking help of medical professionals, they go from pharmacy to cosmetic counter trying all sorts of expensive medicines which either do not even work or only partially resolve their acne problem.

There are no shortcuts for getting an acne free skin. You should be vary of any program which promises to deliver quick results, often these do not treat acne permanently.

The simplest and most effective step to cure acne is to visit your doctor as the effective acne medications involve only prescriptions.
Acne nowadays can be easily treated with the intake of proper medicines.
I have often heard my patients saying to me “Doctor, I wish I had come to you earlier”.

Acne treatment procedure is basically divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Calming the skin
During this phase, in order to calm your acne prone skin we often prescribe creams and possibly pills, bringing inflammation under control. Once the inflammation has subsided we can move to the next stage of treatment. During this stage lasers may also be used to tighten pores and reduce oiliness.
Phase 2: Preventing new breakouts
This phase lasts for 2 – 3 months or even longer depending on the overall intensity of your acne but the results are quite profound. The creams and possibly the pills that we make use of, reduce the stikiness of the comodones along with clearing the pores so that new pimples do not form.
Phase 3: Fixing the battleground
This phase is all about fixing the damage done by acne, after controlling the new breakouts. This basically involves various treatments including peels, creams and often laser to heal the scars, it may also involve needle subcision and pills on rare occasions. Even old scars that have remained for years, can be effectively improved via the series of treatments that we offer.