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pore treatmentLaser plays a very important role in getting the desired results for your skin. Talk of scars, pimples, tattoo or other skin conditions, there are advanced and effective solutions available today with the help of Laser. Here are some of the many treatments that laser can work towards.

Revitalise your Skin

Amidst all those over-the-counter skin rejuvenation products, laser offers a very fast, effective and zero downtime solution to get a renewed and supple skin, For tired, saggy or ageing skin, the laser skin rejuvenation results in a smoother and more radiant skin making you look younger and fresher.

The Q-switched ND:YAG laser is the advanced technique put in place today. How it works is that the laser penetrates promotes the growth of collagen by penetrating into the skin dermis layer and thus creates a smoother and younger looking skin and complexion.

It is a very short procedure, as little as 10 minutes and is highly effective in showing results. There is a mild flush, like a minor sunburn and so downtime is not an issue at all.

Scar Reduction

The skin that has been acne damaged from previous years is resurfaced and evened out with the help of laser scar reduction technique. Fractional CO2 Laser System is implemented to get the best results for this. The procedure works wonderful as it has very little downtime and gives excellent results. The skin continues to get better and recover over next one year’s time after one treatment of fractional CO2 later.

Pigmentation Removal

Don’t worry about those moles or sunspots if you do not like them. The ND:YAG laser system can remove the sun damaged skin areas and freckles or moles. This can also lighten your melasma and chloasma spots.