Treatment for Pigmentations

As we grow old our skin tends to become dull, there is increased pigmentation as a consequence of exposure to sun, also there are hormonal changes after pregnancy. Cosmelan depigmentation treatment provides a solution to each of the above mentioned problems, restoring skin to its former glory by eliminating stains and recovering the smoothness of the skin.

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The Cosmelan Treatment

The Cosmelan dipigmentation treatment tends to cure any type of pigmentation. It mainly eliminates melanin stains on the skin comprising of melasma or chloasma. The treatment is a very safe and is effective on all skin types.  After getting treatment done, you are safe even if your skin exposed to the sun.

The main difference between this peel and other TCA, AHA and GA (Tricarboxylic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Glycolic Acid) peels is that this peel gives you no pain – totally painless. Cosmelan 1 peel is very gentle and you will not fear going for it more than once.

The skin begins to improve a week after going for the treatment, which in more cases is over 70% improvement The lightening of skin will continue as the patients would apply the Cosmelan 2 treatment cream.

You may notice some redness of the skin during the procedure which is quite similar to just a bad sunburn. For this, the of the Hydra-vital Factor K cream will work effectively and reduce the redness.

Those harmone induced pigmentation that are not treated easily can be lightened by Cosmelan. For treatment of those liver spots and freckles etc, laser treatment works well.

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