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Welcome to TCS Aesthetics Central!  We are pleased to be of service to you.  Our warm and friendly staff are trained to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire experience with us.

Situated in the heart of Singapore, overlooking the landmark Singapore River waterfront, and with a breathtaking view of the city skyline, our clinic blends convenience with upmarket style.  Our facility has been completely remodelled to include a spacious reception, a very private lounge, private consultation rooms and operating facilities.  As our patient, you’re welcome to make use of ourlifestyle facilities like rooftop garden, gym, pool and jacuzzi, or enjoy the facilities nearby…

While you’re here, enjoy the privacy of our private waiting lounge, away from prying eyes.  Surf via our complimentary WiFi hotspot, just take in the relaxing view of the city skyline, or peruse the numerous hand-selected skincare and beauty products which have been personally tested by our clinical team. Our caring staff will pamper you every step of the way.  If you fancy a spot of shopping or are a foodie, you can even sneak a quick detour to the shops and great eateries that The Central is famous for. Otherwise you can just enjoy the open air roof garden which our clinic opens out to.




Central banner

We are situated in the premium Office Tower 1 above The Central (Chinese: 中央广场), a commercial and residential building located on Eu Tong Sen Street, opposite Clarke Quay along the Singapore River in Central Area, Singapore. The Central comprises a five-storey shopping mall.  Opened in January 2007, the contemporary shopping mall sits on a site directly above Clarke Quay MRT Station. Managed by PARCO, the mall has five levels totalling 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2) of retail space.

Great Food

The mall has a distinctive Japanese theme, with a wide variety of Japanese shops and restaurants as tenants. The mall’s developer, Far East Organization, planned to turn The Central into a Japanese food paradise in the style of Decks Tokyo Beach, a popular waterfront shopping and entertainment complex in Tokyo’s Odaiba district.



We are situated within the same complex as the Swissotel Merchant Court, one of the top luxury hotels in Singapore.

Swissôtel Merchant Court, Singapore is a luxury hotel ideally located close to entertainment and dining hotspots such as Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Chinatown. The close proximity of the MRT to the hotel makes Orchard Road, Raffles City, all major tourist attractions and the financial hub at Raffles Place, within easy reach.

The 476 guest rooms and suites serve the demand of all travellers and offer a choice of accommodation options. The Business Executive floors offer luxurious rooms and suites with upgraded amenities, including an Executive Club Lounge. Facilities include a choice of two restaurants, a bar, Amrita Spa & Wellness, a free-form swimming pool, 24-hour gym, a column-free ballroom and 4 function rooms.

Night Life


We are situated across the river, just 2 minutes walk from Clarke Quay, the entertainment and lifestyle hub of Singapore.   Lying near the mouth of the Singapore River, the site of Clarke Quay was the centre of commerce during the late 19th century. Today, Clarke Quay is still buzzing with life and activity. The waterfront godowns now play host to a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops. The bustling market atmosphere of bygone days comes alive amidst the rows of charming shophouses, pushcarts, and five-foot-way merchants.

Today, Clarke Quay is a delightful mix of modern and traditional. A reminder of its rich heritage is reflected in the vibrantly orchestrated concept. Their vision – an innovative approach which boldly reflects the heritage and charm of Clarke Quay.

Our Clinic Culture

Our clinic culture is based on the three pillars of our mission statement.  These are:

1. Best Patient Experience

2. Best Clinical Outcome

3. Affordable Price

We are constantly striving to improve our service, upgrade our clinical outcomes, and to find efficiencies to be able to transfer cost savings to you, while maintaining the highest standards of clinical care.  We trust that you will benefit and enjoy our constant work to achieve these pillars of our culture.

Our clinic is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Medical Group Holdings Pte Ltd.


Find out more about our clinic facilities and how to get there.

48 Responses

  1. nina says:

    Hi doc, I have terrible back n chest acne scars and recurring pimples. Been living in d dark Fr years. Can the scars be cured and wil I be able to get a nicer skin? Wat abt the costs?

    • adminpim says:

      Yes. the scars on the back and chest are usually pigmented scars, which can be treated with the Q-switched NdYAG laser. It’s also common to develop raised hypertrophic scars and keloids on the chest and back. These usually respond to injections of steroid into the scars.

  2. Li Li says:

    I have a lot of age-spots, freckles etc on my face. How much does the laser treatment cost?

  3. Vincent says:

    My face a lot of red dot whether can treat ? How much of your consultation fee per treatment and medicine cost? I am 15 year ago. Hope to get your reply as soon as possible.

    • adminpim says:

      Yes, the red dots, if they are pimples, can be treated with topical creams. Sometimes if they are severe, oral antibiotics may be prescribed, although creams work in most situations. The consulation is 90 onwards, depending on the time taken. Medicine costs between 50-200 depending on the types of medicine taken.

  4. james says:

    Hi i have Severe acne Scarring on my face and would like to seek laser treatment can i get a quote on the price of the treatment and the amount of sessions normally required

    Feel free to email me if the price cant be disclosed to the public thank you.

    • adminpim says:

      Severe depressed scarring patients need fractional RF (Infini) treatment. I would advise you to contact us for a consult so that we can advise you on the full program on how to treat your scars.

  5. CK says:

    Hi, how do you usually tackle whiteheads and pimples? I have alot of whiteheads on my forehead. Currently on Iso for 3 months now. Still no improvement at all.

    • adminpim says:

      I like to use our 3D facial for deep cleansing the pores and getting whiteheads and blackheads out. Topical treatment is also very effective for whitehead treatment.

    • adminpim says:

      Whiteheads and blackheads respond to oral pills and topical creams. We also advise our 3D treatment for cleaning up your pores so that they don’t clog up so easily. Some times if you are on iso for a while with no resolution, you can consider doing the 3D pore cleansing to clear up the existing blockages.

  6. kel says:

    Is the removing of dark circle guarantee if I go for the full session?

    • adminpim says:

      There is no guarantee for any medical treatment. This is unfortunate but true because every human is different. Furthermore, dark circles are notoriously difficult to treat. In my practice, our success rate for dark circle treatment is only 50%. We use special eye guards and contact lens to protect your eyes during the treatment to ensure the safety of your vision. For dark circles, I like to use a combination of the Yag and the Fractional CO2 lasers. Many patients are put off by the success rate, but there are also patients who are so bothered by the problem that they are willing to try anything. So they still give the treatment a try. Because of this, I don’t like to charge much per session for dark circle treatments. Each treatment is about $250, and even if you don’t see any improvement in your dark circles, you should see improvements in the fine lines at least. This is due to the formation of collagen in the skin around the eyes.

  7. A says:

    Hey I’m having severe back acne what will you all do to treat it and what’s the costs?

    • adminpim says:

      We have back sprays, creams and for severe cases, pills to treat your back acne. Later on, we are able to use lasers to lighten the marks left behind by the acne.

  8. ning says:

    Hi, I have pimple scars (slight depression) on both sides of my temple. May I know what kind of treatment could remove it and roughly how much will be the cost? Thanks

    • adminpim says:

      The temple scars are very hard to treat. This is because our skin is very thin around the temples. If the depression is slight, this is not bad. I like to use the fractional CO2 lasers in this region. Cost is $480 per session in a pkg of 5.

  9. A says:

    So if i want to treat my back acne , do i just go to the tcs clinic at clarke quay ?

  10. A says:

    how much is the oral treatment for backacne? and would i have to go every week or once a month?

    • adminpim says:

      Around 50-100+ per month depending on the type of treatment. We need to see you every month. Usually you will see results after 1 month, and completely clear by 3 months although this is variable.

  11. anna says:

    hi,i’m having acne scar problem.how many times n how much does itcost to clear it?

    • adminpim says:

      Depends on the severity of the problem. And also depends on what kind of end point you are hoping for. Improvements can be seen with each treatment. Most people go for between 5-10 treatments, and men tend to be more easily satisfied with their results than women…

  12. jeane says:

    Hi… My face constantly gave red marks due to scarring from pimples and reoccurring of acne in same spot… Nt skin is combination oily and dry on surface… Pretty sensitive. I would like to lessen the appearance of my marks for a start. So wat will be the price ranging?

    • adminpim says:

      Marks treatment starts from 280 per session for an average package of 5, and price can be further reduced depending on the package you choose.

  13. A says:

    Hi, how much is the cost of the cost of the consultation if i’m a first timer and i have back acne problems? been with me for around 2 years.. seems serious now..

    • adminpim says:

      Consultation is 80 and back acne usually requires oral treatment if it is moderate severity and above. Otherwise we have a back acne spray which is quite effective.

  14. S says:

    Hello, i have mild-severe back acne and im wondering i there are treatments that can help to clear it. It has been with me for many,many years and ive tried so many docs to get rid of it. If there is, how much would it cost?

    • adminpim says:

      This usually requires the use of antibiotics. In severe cases, Oral medication may be needed. This has many side effects, but the results are really very good with this treatment.

  15. katey says:

    is there available treatment for my condition.? im 19 and my pimples kept coming up im currently just using over the counter cream (benoxyl peroxide 10%) to reduce the severity of my acne and it heals but it left some scars not pits though just like spots on my cheeks. i have sensitive and very oily skin. what do you recommend. thanks.

    • adminpim says:

      Yes, you may need stronger creams to prevent instead of treat Acne, which is essentially what you are doing at the moment. A Nd:YAG laser will help the healing of the spots quickly.

  16. Wen says:

    I have very bad acne, reddish bump around my mouth area. Its like inflammation. How much will it cost for treatment?

    • adminpim says:

      Depending on the severity and the types of creams/washes/pills, most of the creams and oral treatment range from $30+ to $100+. I have a one time consultation fee of $80-100. I do not charge additional consultation fees for reviews.

  17. daneille says:

    Hi, can quote me the price for first consultation and sugery for dark circles?

    • adminpim says:

      For dark circle problems, there are many reasons. The commonest is thin skin, although problems like eyebags and a deep tear trough can cause dark circles. Consultation is $80-100 and surgery costs $2588 if it’s due to eyebags or $3500 for tear trough fat correction.

  18. Rina Meutia says:

    Hi. I have Some small acne scars on both of my cheeks. Can it be cured by laser treatment? How much is per treatment? Thanks for your answer. R.

    • adminpim says:

      For shallow scars I usually would use Fractional CO2 laser for pitted scars, and Q-switched NDYAG laser for pigmented (dark) scars.

  19. wl says:


    I would like to ask what is the total cost to treat acne scars? It has been with me for years now(25yo) and only now I know that there is a solution after I Google for it. Does it remove completely like the picture given in website? My condition is about somewhat similar.

    It will be good if you can email me the full details.


    • adminpim says:

      We can improve the condition so that it is significantly better, but I can’t guarantee anyone that their skin will be completely clear of scars. However, I have helped a lot of patients to look better and feel much better about their skin to the extent that they don’t desire further treatment for their scars. You see, everyone has different expectations. Some ladies want tofu-smooth skin whereas the other extreme is men who just want not to be called cruel nicknames by their friends. I will sit down with you to understand your expectation and realistically tell you if this is achievable with the current level of technology that we possess.

  20. Amsyah says:

    Hello there.
    Was wondering how much it would cost for consultation and treatment for back acne?
    How long it would take too.


    • adminpim says:

      Consultation is $80, treatment usually includes antibiotic or oral medicines. The treatment usually takes 3 months to clear completely. I like to use creams, but for back acne, this is sometimes not practical. Antibiotics or oral meds usually don’t cost more than $100 per month.

  21. heicorvus says:

    If I seek treatment from TCS for acne, am I still entitled to enjoy the use of your facilities? They look gorgeous.

  22. nic says:

    how much is your 1st time consultation and can quote me your eyebags removal surgery cost? thank

    • adminpim says:

      Consultation is $80 and eyebags removal surgery is done by my colleague, the charge is between $2600-4500 depending on type of surgery needed.

  23. i’m not that sure how to cure my pimple problem..i’m totally depressed seeing my face condition like this..

    • adminpim says:

      Different people have different cures. Bottom line is we can usually cure most cases of pimples. You just need to be treated correctly. Seek professional help!

  24. i really need some quotation for the prices for pimple cream etc..

    • adminpim says:

      Creams usually come up to less than $100 altogether for creams and wash. Depends on the patient of course…

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