Wrinkle Reduction

Is the B-word a bad word?  Actually not!  It is a protein that can visible treat the fine lines or wrinkles problem on your face or neck. It works by weakening the muscles whose activity actually leads to the lines. There are many conditions that can treat and can considerably cure with the combination of fillers.


As we have so many facial expressions, different facial muscles are involved in those. The repeated activity of these muscles makes the skin above it bunch or fold thus leaving lines on the area. This condition is enhanced with age because with the passing years, our skin loses collagen, which is an important protein for skin elasticity.

What it does is to work on those muscles. Where minute doses of the toxin are injected, it weakens the muscle or affects it activity thus reducing the fine lines. Combined with fillers injection, the treatment can considerable get you rid of those age lines on your face.

There are many other conditions that it and fillers can treat. Some of these are:

Bruxism (teeth grinding / jaw clenching)
Teeth grinsing or jaw clenching is a condition when patient suffers from these activities while asleep. They can suffer from sever pain or even dental problems. What the toxin does is work on those muscles involved in the activity and weakens them. This gives relief to the Bruxism sufferers and their symptoms are much reduced.

Pore Problems

As one of the most advanced applications, some very small micro-droplets of solution are placed on your skin’s superficial layer which actually works on reducing your pores. It is called the micro injection technique. It helps in reduced oil production and thus preventing acne. The tightening effect due to reduced pores gives an overall glow to the face.

Profuse Sweating

The injections are very effective on sweating problems. It is unpleasant to have excessively sweating armpits, or sweaty palms or even excess sweat from your forehead. It makes the person conscious of his or her activities.  Small injections readily treat this condition giving you back your confidence without worrying about stained clothes or moist palms while shaking hands with someone.

Calves Contouring

Injections work well in reshaping those calves and giving them a more toned appearance. For ladies who lack slimmer looking and more shapely calves, this is a perfect solution.

Here are some other conditions that
 can be effectively treated thus providing great relief to the sufferers.

Migraine – injected to the forehead muscles

Neck lines – softens the horizontal neck lines and the platysmal bands

Sad lines –  reduces those perpetual frowning or sad lines that are caused by more pronounces Depressor anguli oris muscles.

Popply chin – This unpleasant dimpling of chin is more in middle aged people and can be treated by  injections

Peri-oral lip lines – Or Lipstick Bleeds. Caused by pursing of lips.

Mental or Chin crease – Helps address this unintentional angry look. It is that grooved appearance between your chin and lower lip and is more prominent in males.