Nose Job

The traditional nose job (rhinoplasty) involves surgery and up to a week time off to get done with the post operative swelling and pain. You do get the desired results though. However, it is not possible to reverse back the procedure; neither do you have a fuller control during the procedure. Unlike to this, modern rhinoplasty has come up with a very effective and easy method to give you that desired shape and size of your nose.

This interactive approach uses fillers and allows you to see the effect as immediately. The filler can be adjusted according to your requirement, whether you choose to have just a small lift of your nose bridge, a more pointed tip or correction of a bad hump or profile.

The best part is that if you think the results are not as you imagined those to be or you are not comfortable with the outcome, the specialist can reverse back the process for you. This will require another injection and you will be back to your previous nose. Always consult a specialist or a doctor before going for the procedure. The procedures using fillers for the nose job is fast and effective, but it does require high degree of artistry and specialisation in sculpting the nose.