Jaws Shaping

Injectable Face Shaping

Many Asians have a square jaw, or rectangular jaw. This makes the face look squarish or round giving a plump look. For those who want to give a slimmer look, here is the good news. In order to attain this, injectable face slimming technique is a wonderful option.

What we inject is actually a protein from botulism which weakens the muscle where injected. How this technique for square jaw reduction works is by injecting one injection into either side of the face. The muscle then shrinks in a few weeks time. It results in a much softer angle of the jaw and giving that almond shape to the face.

The effect lasts for six months or longer. Furthermore, it depends on how you maintain it. Chewing hard foods, nuts, ice and hard steaks etc is not good for this and thus avoiding these will get the results last even longer.

The good news is also that the amount of medicine can be controlled depending on the need and suitability of the person. Some may need higher amount and some may require lesser. Controlling this reduces the chances of repeat injections and unnecessary cost incurring.

Face contouring is also able to reshape the face and sharpen your features. What it gives is an attractive almond shaped face for the ladies and a youthful sleek look for the guys.

This injection also treats Bruxism and TMJ syndrome

With stress or inherited, some people suffer from a common disease known as Bruxism. Buuxism is grinding of teeth of clenching of jaw. The muscle of masseter that lies on the jawline of the face becomes stronger as a result. Apart from Bruxism, the habitual chewing of hard foods and snacks can also result in bulging muscle at the side of the jaw. This results in a square-jaw appearance of the face. It can get further highlighted if the facial features are small.

To treat this, face contouring injections are very helpful. The injections weaken the muscles and in turn significantly reduce the teeth grinding. It helps in reducing the pain and discomfort of bruxism. The medication is a widely accepted treatment of Bruxism now and also effectively reduces headaches and TMJ aching (and temporo-mandibular joint aching).

Previously, the treatment for bruxism involved use of mouth guards that would soften the impact of the clenching. However, the modern treatment of these injections is now the gold standard for treatment of teeth grinding.