Facial Filler

No surgery. No pain or swelling. No downtime. No incision. But amazing results! What can this be?

Cheek Filler, Nose Filler, Breast Filler, Lip Fillers Singapore

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Fillers! Popularly successful procedure in gaining that desired beauty of your face and body. It only takes a few minutes and a specialised doctor, and the results are surprisingly good. Some of the most popular filler options are:

Cheek Filler

As our cheeks loose fats with age, it affects the skin of the face. Especially the with the cheeks volume is reduces, the nasolabial folds and jowls are affected the most and start to sag. With fillers procedure, just one injection can replace the volume of your cheeks. The same youthful appearance of your face will all be yours again and the jowls will be reduced lifting your nasolabial lines. It just takes 5 minutes for a procedure that has instantaneous results and that can make you look much younger and refreshed.
Nose Filler

To get your nose tip pointed or nose bridge elevated, go for it. You will just have to be ready for that one injection followed by lots of compliments. It will just take 5 minutes. When the filler material is injected, your nose will get an instant lift to your nose bridge. The effects are customizable which means that you can decide how you want your new nose to appear. With zero downtime, you will have much more to be proud about. And the best part being that is it completely natural looking.

Breast Filler

You can get your breast size increased by up to 1 – 1.5 cup size without any surgery, pain or incision. No downtime either. What could it be? Yes – breast fillers!

Lip Filler

Get those lucky lips with lips fillers! If you think your looks can be even more appealing if you have more volume in your lips, or if your lips have started to get thinner, it is time to get that desired lip volume back. To restore your kissable lips, a lip filler may be just what the doctor could order. Go for it!

Just an injection is are able to increase the size of the breasts by up to 150 ml (1- 1.5 cup sizes larger). The doctors would inject either Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural material found in the skin, or Aqualift, which is a synthetic material. See the results for yourself.

Go to breast fillers page for further details.

Nasolabial Fold (Laughter lines) Filler

With age, as our nasolabial lines become deeper and more obvious, fillers can reduce the effect. A dermal filler injection into the laughter lines gives instant results. It provides the lift reducing the signs of ageing. You would look much younger.

Chin Filler

A rounded chin and face can make you look plump. The best way to look slimmer would be then to get that chin and the jaw line sharper. Instantly! Chin will is injected in your chin and as fast and instant results, your face would look slimmer with a sharper jaw profile, creating an almond shaped face.