3x Facial Slimming

Do you wish to have the coveted gua zi lian? (Almond shaped face)?

Unfortunately, many Asians are born with a very round face, chubby cheeks, short nose and short chin. At TCS, we have developed a triple therapy to achieve this face shape WITHOUT SURGERY! Our triple therapy includes the following:

Step 1: Botulinum Toxin® for Facial Slimming

Model Image

Female face with perfect skinJust 2 simple injections in each jaw muscle can help reduce the width of the face. Your face will look slimmer, slender and less angular. A face slimming injection injected in the correct manner has minimal pain and discomfort. Many patients swear by it and return regularly for their facial slimming fix! In addition, the effects of this face slimming injection are temporary, so if you decide you do not like the look, it is completely reversible after some time!

Step 2: Chin Filler

One simple injection into the chin is enough to change the shape of your face. Many Asians are born with very short chins. Hence, just lengthening and making the chin pointy creates a completely different effect! You need to see the pictures to believe how much slimmer you can look with just one simple injection which takes less than five minutes!

Step 3: Nose Filler

To create the appearance of a slimmer face, having a nose filler does the trick perfectly. In order to not have the round face and short nose, a little filler injected into the bridge of the nose quickly creates a taller and more elegant look to complement the other 2 treatments.

In addition, Plasmalipo can be performed on the cheeks to reduce the fat pads on the cheeks, making us look much slimmer and have less “baby” fats on the face.

Find out if you are suitable for the TCS triple therapy for face slimming. Our doctor will advise you on how you can achieve a slimmer and more elegant looking face WITHOUT SURGERY.

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