Remove Eyebags

The skin under the eye is quite delicate. This is why it is prone to sagging and wrinkling. If this skin is not taken well care of, you will look older and more mature that you really are. It gives you a tired look.

What are Eyebags?

Modern life puts stress on us and eyes are among the first to suffer. Eyebags are actually those pouches that can be found surrounding the eye area. Not everyone develops eyebags, but once you do, only surgery can reverse the process. Eyebags make make us look tired and haggard, adding years to our face.
If you take a look at your photos of younger days and compare to today’s photos, it will be easy to tell from your eyes how much you have aged.

When is the possibility?

Eyebags is not just bothering older adults, but also younger adults that lead a stressful and hectic life. It is hereditary as well as lifestyle led. It can actually even affect gentlemen and ladies in their twenties, making them look much older than they actually are. As they mature more, the fat deposition under the eyes makes the problem more obvious with the effects of gravity adding to it. The sad part is that people having eyebags at a younger age will have this problem worsened as they age more.

Eyebags Removal

Eyebags removal procedure can indeed cure the excess bulges under the eyes. It has immediate results and patients look younger immediately after the procedure. There is no visible scar and no blood loss in the procedure – the technique that uses a minimally invasive trans-conjuctival approach. There is no need for any stitch removal.

What is important to note is that not everyone is the right candidate for this procedure. If you skin around the eyes is very loose and overall has a higher laxity will not properly benefit from this technique. It is best to seek a doctor’s advice prior to going for this procedure.