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Eyelid is that thin fold of our skin that covers and protects the eye. Usually people describe double eyelids as more preferred and beautiful looking than single eyelid. Where the eyelid type is inherited, you can always go for procedures that can give more attracting and double eyelids. There are techniques that involve minimal downtime surgery.

It is about having more than just double eyelids. The procedure with largely seen positive results is a new scarless technique with surgery that lasts less than an hour and leads to a minimal post operative swelling.

Sharing the types of procedures to create double eyelids…

Traditional Incisional Surgery

Having double eyelids that could persist in the long run WAS possible only via the cutting method, which is better known technically as the incisional method. To create double eyelids with this method, the skin on the eyelid is cut and stitched. This also means that after the surgery, you will need to have the stitches removed and that an obvious mark/ scar is almost certain. Despite these cons, the cutting method is the preferred way, should you have saggy or excess skin or muscles.

Non incisional method

Existing non-incisional procedures involve techniques like suturing (stitching) and are prone to thread breakage. These are not as effective in seeing long lasting results and can result in loss of eyelid line.

Scarless Eyelid Treatment (SET)

This technique is a modern technique and involves all the benefits of non-incisonal procedure. It gives long lasting and effective results. This technique does not involve removal of skin and is potentially reversible as well. It is scarless and the patient does not have to go for stitches removal after the procedure. The patient can even choose the height and types of double eyelids – low, medium, high and tapered, parallel or flared.

However, what is to be note is that patients suitable for this technique are those who would have moderately sagging, puffy eyelids or have moderate fat tissue. It is therefore always advised to consult a specialist before opting for such procedures.

SET can result in

Attractive double eyelids and bigger eyes for ladies

Subtle double eyelids and bigger eyes for men

The Scarless Eyelid Treatment (SET) is not just a procedure to give double eyelids but can also correct a lot of various eyelid cases in men and women. Here are some examples:

Facial asymmetry:

SET can correct facial asymmetry arising due to eyelid features. It is very common to have mild asymmetrical facial features. Such asymmetry is noticeable and procedures can correct some of the more obvious facial asymmetries including double eyelids. That is after all always more appreciated and liked.

Double Eyelid on one eye missing

Droopy Eyes
As the word says it all, such eyelids give a droopy look to the eyes and the overall face. This is caused due to thick upper eyelid folds that affect the shape of your eyes. SET can customise the shape of the eyes and the patient can choose the preference of height, arch, flare etc to get a more desired look.

Hidden Double Eyelids

Sometimes you would notice that some people do have a double eyelid but is not visible all the time. It is only when they raise the brow that you see it. This is called “hidden” double eyelid. What SET can do is that increase the height of the double eyelid and thus bringing out the natural beauty of the hidden double eyelids.

Eyelids with multiple or faint creases