Wrinkles, Lines, Crow’s Feet, etc



With age, skin looses elasticity, flexibility, thickness and firmness. It becomes increasingly finer and more delicate; especially the area surrounding the eyes. Skin ages and looses smoothness. This gives rise to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, widening of capillaries, crow’s feet, small spots and loss of elasticity.


Anti-Age Power is a concentrated gel that gives immediate results in correcting and preventing signs of aging of the skin surrounding the eyes.

Anti-Age Power forms a cutaneous film that tightens and smoothens the skin, thus reversibly attenuating wrinkles intensity.

The gel’s texture is achieved by using hyaluronic acid that provides a regenerating effect on skin, and especially high, long lasting moisturizing power that helps maintain flexibility. Other components such as aloe and panthenol contribute toward substantiating this excellent and sustained moisturizing, lubricating and filmogenous action. Increased moisturization improves the Stratum Corneum’s permeability and mechanically attenuates wrinkles.

The polypeptide complex that forms a part of the formula acts by activating specific fibroblast receptors or mediators. This translates into a significant increase in production of collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and proteins of the extracellular matrix; fundamental elements for a healthy dermis texture. The skin in the area surrounding the eyes restructures itself, becomes denser, smoother and takes on a better appearance. Organic silicon helps these restructuring functions.

This action is reinforced by the presence of ascorbic acid which is important for the synthesis of collagen. It also has a powerful anti-radical action, thus neutralizing the free radicals connected with degenerative processes and aging.

Another important component in the formula is DMAE. This is a highly efficient cosmetic that acts by attenuating or eliminating the appearance of flaccidity of the skin surrounding the eyes caused by aging.

It also reduces reddening of the skin and contributes toward smooth, moisturized and improved elasticity skin. All of the translates into a visible rejuvenating effect on the skin surrounding the eyes after the first few weeks of application.