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Eye-Light Power

EYE-LIGHT POWER - For eyebags, dark eye circles, etc

The first signs of aging appear on the skin surrounding the eyes. This is because this skin is very fine and delicate. This means that it is very sensitive and vulnerable to the passage of time and the effect of multiple external factors such as photoaging, environmental contaminants, stress and toxins. The damage suffered by this part of the skin manifests itself in the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, eyebags and puffy eyelids.

It is important and necessary to perform preventive and corrective cosmetic treatment of this very delicate art of the skin. This should be done starting at early stages of life; using specially formulated cosmetics designed to give formulated cosmetics designed to give protective and corrective action.


Eye-Light Power is a concentrated anti-dark eye circle gel, cosmetically designed with technologically advanced criteria to address the cosmetic need of the skin around the eyes. Its aim is to correct dark eye circles, eyebags and puffiness of the skin around the eyes. It also provides an anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and firming effect.

Dark under eye circles are not pathological. It is a true esthetic problem. The blank look of people with accentuated eyebags under the eyes gives the impression that they are tired, fatigued and exhausted.

The eyebags are characterized by puffiness, mainly of the lower eyelid. They may be caused by an accumulation of liquid, by the presence of localized fat or by a certain predisposition.

Eyebags caused by the accumulation of liquids are frequent and are due to water retention that is generally transitory. It may be heightened by lack of sleep, tiredness or an excess of alcohol and tobacco. These are the most frequent causes.

The Eye-Light Power is a DIY Home Treatment method that is designed for the skin surrounding the eyes in order to attenuate or eliminate dark eye circles, eyebags and puffy eyelids, to complement in-clinic treatments, at the ease and convenience of your home and time.

The ingredients of a plant origin, moisturizing active ingredients, the combination of polypeptides, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid contribute to Eye-Light Power giving the skin surrounding the eyes brightness and elasticity. Thus it attenuates dark eye circles and visibly reduces eyebags and favors decongestion of eyelid. It moisturizes and eliminates fine lines. It provides firmness and thickness, thus decreasing the transparency of fine skin. It favors the elimination of anomalous liquids and pigments accumulated in the area surrounding the eyes.