Raccoon Eyes

There can be various conditions of eyes that can make a person conscious of his or her appearance. Even if we are blessed with beautiful eyes or overall pretty features, certain conditions can mar the beauty of our face. These conditions come up especially when we age. Not necessarily during an older age and effects around eyes can be seen since even thirties.

Let us understand some of the conditions that, if diagnosed correctly can be cured.

Dark Eye Circles

Dark Eye circles are one of the very common eye conditions whereby the area under your eyes appears darker than the rest of the skin tone on your face. This condition can be caused due to lack of sleep, excessive rubbing, allergies that have been chronic. The skin around our eyes is very delicate and thin. As we age, it loses moisture and tightness, thus giving a dreary and tired look. That bluish-black tone surround our eye area is generally referred to as “panda eyes”- obviously it is not as pleasing to be panda-eyed.

Sagging skin below the eye

There is another condition which is not easy to avoid since this comes with age. With years, our skin tends to lose moisture and the elasticity. This gets more visible on our face. For the area around eyes, there appear fine lines that are visible, depending on the severity of condition. The fine lines and saggy skin below the eye makes us look much older. To cure this condition, you can either go for laser treatments or opt for creams that have tightening and lifting effect on this skin around eye area. It is always advised to consult a specialist before going for a procedure.

Prominent pretarsal muscles, as it explains, the pretarsal muscles get very prominent. These muscles are active during the closing of your eyes. Due to much exertion, when this muscle becomes big, it appears like a big eye bag under the eye. Patient suffering from such symptoms must be able to clearly identify what the underlying cause is. If it is due to these pretarsal muscles, the cure is very easy. A simple injection of medicated solution is used to reduce the bulk of muscle. This also reduces the shadow that gets cast below the eye and also improves lightness of the skin area under the eye.

Prominent infra-orbital fat pads – Sometimes, fat gets deposited under the skin surrounding eye. This becomes prominent with time and shows up over the skin level. It does make you look droopy and mars all your efforts to gain a bright cheery look. These fat pads that look like eye bags can be easily removed by a minor surgery. The surgery is not lengthy and does not leave any visible scar.

Dark eye circles can hence be associated to any of the above conditions. It is therefore very important to correctly diagnose the underlying cause and exact problem before treating. Always consult a specialist prior to your decision in going for any procedure.