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18 Responses

  1. siang says:

    hello doctor, i would like to try out fractional RF laser for deep acne scar, may i know what is the diff for yours and Smartxide 2?
    i have tried, Smartxide 2, sciton and fraxel, i dont find it useful at all.
    may ii know how does your really help deep acne scarring and do you have trial price ? ?

    • adminpim says:

      Dear siang, there is no trial price. The Fractional RF is not a laser, but a deep radio frequency treatment that uses insulated micro needles to get past the epidermis level and deliver energy up to 3.5 mm deep into the skin. This way, we can deliver high energy with low risk to the epidermis. It sounds painful, but with our technique for pain management, it actually is less painful overall than fractional CO2 laser.

  2. Stanley Chew says:

    In need of serious acne treatment. Please advise. Thank you.

  3. cecilia says:

    can laser treat Keratosis Pilaris scars on the upper arms? how much does it cost?

    • adminpim says:

      Yes, I can treat those scars. Depending on the type or scars, you may require either peels or lasers. The range is about $500 upwards…

  4. Annabel says:

    I have pimples for several years and I have gone through a lot of treatment, but I never try to get rid of pimples by laser. My face is consider as bad with white pimples and redness. I am thinking about getting treatment after finishing my O level exams.
    I just want to know how much maximum it will cost to remove pimples and little bit of scars so that I can prepare enough money for it.
    Please reply me through an email because I am not going to this website oftenly.
    I need your advice for a better looking face and heathier skin.
    Thank you

    • adminpim says:

      Hi Annabel,

      We can tailor a treatment which is suitable for your budget and condition.

      Pimples can be managed for usually below $100 per month. However, if you wish to have better and faster results, we can discuss more options.

      Scars also can be treated, but lasers cost around $280 per session for pigmented/red scars, and $480 per session for depressed scars. Raised scars need injections, which average $50-100 per session depending on the amount of scars you have.

      Hope this helps!

      Yuen Ho

  5. Rav i says:

    Hi, Please could you let me know, if you guys are providing treatment for men also, i have black marks and moles and dark circles on my face and under eyes. i would like to remove this, please let me know the proceedures and cost for this treatment.thank you

    • adminpim says:

      We provide treatment for men. Very hard for me to advise on this, please arrange a consultation for us to make a diagnosis of what causes your black marks and dark circles, so we can recommend the appropriate treatment.

  6. James says:

    Hi. Do you provide treatment for body acne? And may I know the rates? Thanks!

    • adminpim says:

      Acne on the body is usually treated in my clinic with antibiotics and creams as a first line, and with Oral Retinoids as a second line treatment. usually these treatments are less than 200 per month.

  7. heni riana says:

    how much the cost if just consultation only

  8. Jason Chua says:

    Can I check what is the treatment cost like per session for acne scar treatment?

    • adminpim says:

      The cost ranges from 100-600 per session, depending on what is done. Lots of times, we just do consultation and prescribe creams and medications. Other people may need peels or lasers. I hope you’ll agree with me that a customized approach is the best way of treating any person. Hence, it’s a tough question to answer!

      • Xenia Han says:

        Hello!i would like to check when will the promotion for the fillers (Nose+Chin+botox=$2000) end? And is that possible for me to pay by credit card? If i can pay by credit card, then is there any monthly payment available for the credit card? (e.g pay in 6 months , dont have to pay all the thing immediately.)

        • adminpim says:

          Yes, there are monthly payment plans available by various credit cards. The price for the 3 treatments is still ongoing.

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