Lose or Gain Weight

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Weight Management

1. Methods employed are medically proven
2. Weight loss along with fat loss!
3. Results observed after every visit
4. Realistic goals are set.
5. Latest weight loss innovations used.

Basic Health Screen
Vital pre-requisite for successful weight loss

To begin with, it is quite imperative to trace out obstacles which are hindering your body’s ability to lose weight. Obesity related co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea or joints problem need to be dealt with, as these often hamper the possibility of weight loss. The process includes:

1 An interaction with our physicians, with an aim to uncover and evaluate your medical history, past illnesses, family history, habits, medications, supplements and all symptoms. A thorough physical examination is performed after the consultation.
2 Realistic goals are set depending on your level of motivation
3 Biochemical tests will be conducted to get to terms with your body’s biological functions
4 When indicated, Electrocardiogram, resting heart beat and exercise response tests are conducted. The idea is to assess the electrophysiological status of your heart. This is an important measure of your exercise potential.

Exercise Therapy
Are you having a static weight, even though you tried very hard to shed those extra Kgs of weight? Has your weight reduction program hit a road block? Are the results achieved not at par with the efforts that you put?
If you have, there is no need to get worried. There are many dieters in the world, that are often misguided about the weight loss. Here lies the secret that many people are simply not aware of, getting results which are not worth the efforts being put.
The metabolic rate can be lowered by eating less and NOT exercising ie metabolism comes down and caloric output gets reduced, In other words, you burn less fat! As a result lethargy and weakness sets in from a diet that has no medical evidence to back. It can even result in weight gain.
Best fat loss results can be achieved by a combination of a diet that includes several small diets and an exercise routine that imparts musculoskeletal and aerobic training. What exercise does is to increase your metabolic rate which results in more fat burn, this goes on even when you are sleeping. Bear in mind that different phases of weight loss program require different exercises. Therefore all this should be carried out under proper guidance.
Our exercise program is designed in such a way that it suits your lifestyle and work demands. It imparts aerobic as well as musculoskeletal fitness. Aerobic training optimises your cardiovascular fitness and maximises caloric output as per your level of fitness. Musculoskeletal training on the other hand increases your muscular mass while your fat percentage mass gets decreased while augmenting your metallic rate.

Pharmacotherapy and Supplementation
Powerful boosters to weight loss!

For targeting short term weight loss, both meal supplementation and pharmacotherapy prove to be excellent means. But they seem to be inadequate for long term weight loss as they run the risk of side effects. The only alternative is to mend your lifestyle along with a change in diet and activity, this keeps your weight under check and maintains weight loss as long as possible.
We target both short term as well as long term goals in weight loss. We ensure that you lose excess weight as quick as possible without your health getting compromised, at the same time weight loss persists as long as possible.
The meal supplements that target the weight loss are very safe, affordable and are medically proven. All drugs are highly efficient and safe while presenting a strong scientific evidence. The prescription of meal supplements and drugs, medically supervised by our doctors make them very effective and safe.