Remove Stubborn Fats Effectively with Liposuction

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Liposuction Singapore, Vaser TLC Clinic, Vaser Lipo, Vaser, Laser Liposuction, cost of vaser, def vaser, definition vaser, Liposuction in Singapore, Liposelection in SingaporeVASER Lipo System is a liposuction method that has received FDA Clearance for body contouring in September 2002. It has been used widely since then and there has not been any serious complication.

VASER® Lipo, or LipoSelection® actually uses an ultrasonic technology that is tissue selective and it hits that unwanted fat. However, it does kill the surrounding tissues like nerves, blood vessels and such that are helpful for a faster healing. The power of ultrasound has now been into fat removal and it is working beautifully.

There are various areas Vaser can target and treat successfully. These are:

Vaser@ Arms

Liposelection can radically remove those dangling masses from your arms giving you more tones and shapely arms.

Vaser@ Torso

Obvious flattening of the torso with Vaser is seen in patients. Vaser cantarget and treat those areas like the love handles, flanks, ribs and lower back.

Vaser@ Back

Back contouring offers that boost in confidence each time you flaunt your back.

Vaser@ Male Chest (Gynaecomastia) reduction

Vaser sculpts such gentlemen’s and gives a more masculine appearance.

Vaser@ Jaw/Neck

Liposelection of the face and neck gets you rid of the unsightly saggy appearance under your chin and jaw that hovers your appearance with age and skin laxity.

Vaser@ Face/Cheek

Facial toning and sculpting improves face contours and gets you rid of those rounded face or plump face look.


Vaser Liposelection is able to effectively reduce the fat around the thighs.