Lipo with Plasma

PlasmaLipo is a technique for body toning and contouring. There is no incision needed and all you have to face is a probe of 2 mm diameter with a tiny optical fibre. There is a local anaesthesia effect given. The probe is inserted under your skin that gives radiating plasma energy making the fat tissues melt fast. There are various advantages of this technique, some of which could be:

  • Negligible scar and minimal downtime
  • No worries of loose skin after the procedure
  • No need of heavy bandages after the procedure
  • Faster process
  • Lesser pain
  • Minimal bruising or bleeding
  • Safer, since local anaesthesia is required

The plasma energy emitted by the probe breaks down the fat cells to liquid oil which is then taken care of by the body’s lymphatic drainage system. Any loose skin after the procedure is is progressively tightened in 6 months period since collagen formation under the skin is stimulated by the plasma energy stimulates.

You can lose those extra inches around your waist, arms, thighs, hips, face or calves.

For people who are not highly obese but still are fat are good candidates for this procedure.

Before you decide, you need to consult a specialist. Note thatPlasmaLipo is most suited and better designed for fat reduction and toning of a small area toning.