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Breast Enlargement techniques are getting more and more popular as women get more particular and conscious about their looks and yearn to get a hundred percent confidence in all they do. A shapely figure does add on to one’s confidence levels if not any other benefit. There are options to get fuller sized breasts that are both surgical (breast implants) and non-surgical (breast fillers).

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Every breast enhancement, breast augmentation procedures should be conducted under professional supervision.

For those who have gone for repeated breast filler injections usually want to get something more permanent and opt for breast implants. For some, whose choice of breast size enlargement is more than 2 cup sizes or so, having implants is a better option. Talking cost-wise as well, breast implants end up being more cost effective than repeated breast filler injections.

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Technology has made the procedures so sophisticated and advanced that the risk of failure has been reduced much more than earlier days. These days, MemoryGel is used for implants that do not leak even if the silicone capsule ruptures.

Know what is expected

It is good that you know the necessary details of the procedure beforehand like what you need to take care of and what is expected of you. This will help you make a more informed decision and leave less for you to keep wondering about.

As a procedure, the implant surgery lasts for slightly over an hour and carries minimal risk. This is such because there is no general anaesthesia. It is a day surgery and the patient can go back home on the same day. It is recommended, however, that she is accompanied with a family member. There is no pain during the procedure since a local anaesthesia is used. The incision is made either on the skin area around nipple that is darker or at the lower crease of the breast. Sometimes it can also be in the armpit. This is so that there is no visibility of the scar later on and it remains well hidden.

The patient can go home on the same day and can return to work in one or two day’s time. A normal routine can be established in 1-2 days. However, the patient will experience mild aching for a few days. Also, some bruises will remain until another few days.

Post surgery, it is strictly advised to wear a supportive bra. Heavy exercises are a no-no. Light normal exercises can be done provided you are wearing the supportive bra.

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