Body is indeed a temple… as having well quoted by some of the literary persona. Investing in your body gives you results in terms of your confidence, attitude and overall uplifted personality.

To have a well maintained, fit and toned appearing body, you do need to know what are the methods and ways to achieve so. Don’t get confused by the variety of surgeries, creams and over-the-counter applications available for the purpose.

Know yourself and understand your conditions. Consult a specialist should you feel the need. It is your body and you best know it. However, there are specialists who have excelled in understanding your conditions and then providing treatments that would suit you.

Bigger breasts

There is variety in options to get bigger breasts depending on your preferences, the increase of cup size and other aspects like how much you are ready to take.
With surgical procedures, your own body fat can be removed from other areas using a liposuction procedure like Vaser. This fat can then be injected back into your breast area. It s easier for your body to accept as this is your own fats and nothing can be more natural than this. It can work as a 2-in-1 procedure. This works best for ladies who experience drooping breasts after pregnancy/breastfeeding.

We can remove your own body fats during a liposuction procedure like VASER, and then inject it back into the breast area for example. This is great for ladies who have drooping of breasts after pregnancy/breastfeeding, and want to prop up the skin with a natural material. Nothing therefore is more natural than your own fats. This is a great 2-in-1 procedure!

There are some who prefer larger cup size changes. For those, a silicone/ saline implant can be used. This procedure can be done in less than an hour and does not require general anaesthesia. The scar is barely visible and is small as 2 cm around the nipple. The implant can last for many years.

As non-surgical procedure, fillers are used as effective method to increase the breast by 1-2 cup sizes. It is best for those who do not wish to go for any surgery. Fillers are biologically inert materials like the facial fillers. Fillers are injected below the breast.
Getting slim

There are a variety of treatments you can choose from to help you fit into your old jeans For example, there is Vaser, which is great for a low-downtime, safe and effective (on average, 3 to 5 litres of fats can be removed) liposuction treatment.

People very commonly complain that “the last 2 inches are the hardest to lose”. For those with problem fat areas, like tummy fats after pregnancy, explore Hi-Def Vaser. This is a very different skill from “normal” vaser, and requires additional training and certification before it can be performed. The process involves a much more precise method of liposelection to really remove the last stubborn few centimeters of fats to give your body that toned and fit look.

Weight Management

It is advisable to always seek professional advice regarding your weight management regime. You need to know all the available procedures – surgical and non-surgical. A routine and some disciplined regime is important. However, as your weight is what you wanted it to be, you still need to maintain it using the numerous techniques.