Acne & Pimple Treatment Singapore

Face Full of Pimples???  Feeling Depressed?

You are not alone!  In fact, everyone goes through this stage in their lives.  Unfortunately, so many teenagers and young adults with problems of Pimples are seriously misinformed by marketing and sales gimmicks.  They end up hopping from product to product, without seeing any significant or lasting result and finally end up battling acne for many years, with nothing but deep depressed scars to show for it.

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Here are a few important facts about Acne which you need to know about.

Important Fact No 1: Your doctor is the person best equipped to deal with Pimple problems.

Stop spending thousands in beauty salons and hopping from one treatment to another.  Only a doctor can administer EVIDENCE BASED TREATMENTS that have been medically researched to improve your skin.  Acne treatment is a complex topic with varying types of treatments.  You can only improve with a TREATMENT REGIMEN THAT IS CUSTOMISED TO YOUR SKIN.

Important Fact No 2: Acne CAN BE COMPLETELY TREATED using the CORRECT equipment and Treatments.

There are 1001 different lasers and treatment machines in the market which claim to improve acne scars and Pimples.  From our years of testing and experience treating patients, we have selected as part of our protocol ONLY 3 MACHINES which are extremely effective in treating Acne.  Many patients who have gone through this protocol have been SUCCESSFULLY TREATED and now have GREAT LOOKING SKIN.

Important Fact No 3: Acne cannot be treated in a day, or even a week.

Many of my patients have the misconception that Pimples will improve after one week of using the latest over-the-counter cream.  In fact, Acne is a condition which needs AT LEAST A  MONTH to see great results.  In fact, many of the best creams in the market may even make the Acne WORSE in the first week of use!  In most cases, significant results are only seen after a month of use!


Your skin is important to you.  Get your skin treated by a PROFESSIONAL.  The longer you wait, the more scars you will develop.  You can change this situation.

Act NOW, before it’s too late.

Remember, the mainstay of pimple treatment is NOT TO LET IT FORM SCARS.  Pimple scars are DEEP, UGLY and DIFFICULT TO TREAT.

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About Dr Chow Yuen Ho

Dr Chow Yuen Ho graduated from Medical School in National University of Singapore in 1999 and has a special interest in aesthetics and skincare.  He trained in Singapore General Hospital Department of Dermatology and started TCS Aesthetics Central, an aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinic in 2009.  He has been treating patients with acne for over a decade and has developed his protocol which he finds is suitable for oily Singaporean and tropical skin types.

Dr Chow suffered from severe acne during his younger days.  It was only after he consulted with a doctor that his acne was successfully treated.  He has undergone several laser treatments to improve his acne scars, and hence the treatment of acne and pimple scars is an area of special interest for him.



Do DIY Treatments Work?

The truth is that some do.  However, for many people, DIY treatments are not sufficiently strong to treat serious pimples. These people need to see a doctor instead of suffering in silence.  For majority of people, they suffer from pimples during their teenage years to their early twenties.  After that, pimples usually resolve spontaneously.  However, what most young people in this age group DO NOT KNOW is that the more pimples they have during this period, the more scars they will develop.  For mild acne, over the counter treatments are usually sufficient.  A common misconception is that more severe acne can be treated with over the counter treatments from pharmacies.  However, my opinion is that many people are misled in thinking that over the counter treatments are sufficient.  If the over the counter treatment that you tried is NOT WORKING, please seek immediate treatment from a doctor.  Hopping from one treatment to another simply causes you to have more scars, especially if you have deep nodular or cystic acne types.

Latest Development!

We have just imported a new machine from Korea which makes the traditional facial COMPLETELY OBSOLETE!  In the past, the most effective way of cleaning out your pores and blackheads was to pick and squeeze, often with disastrous results of bruising, scarring and infection.  With our NEW 3D Deep Pore Cleansing treatment, we are able to use ultra-fine 50-micron size microjets to clean out the pores, AVOIDING the PAIN AND TRAUMA of picking and squeezing.  Using this facial treatment helps in reducing breakouts, giving you clearer and smoother skin!  (Read this independent review on Jacqueline Koh’s Blog here)

Pimple scars are treatable using our protocol.  However, the treatment of pimple scars is a process which may require many treatments and is more complex than treating pimples at the source.

CLICK HERE to find out more about our PIMPLE SCAR TREATMENT

Pimples on the other hand, are easily treated with our MEDICALLY PROVEN PROTOCOL.  We have researched and refined this protocol over the number of years that we have been treating pimples and have found it especially suitable for Tropical and Singaporean skin types.

Therefore don’t wait any further.  Pimples need to be treated today to prevent further scarring.  Seek advice from a doctor NOW.

Call us NOW to get treated and regain your great looking complexion
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Important note:  The Ministry of Health of Singapore does not allow the publishing of before and after photographs and patient testimonials in advertising materials.  We try our best to respect and abide by all MOH guidelines on advertising and would be happy to show you more photographs and pictures when you come in for the consultation.

93 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    How much it cost for consultation, medication and treatment for back acne?

    • adminpim says:

      Back acne responds to a combination of creams and oral therapy. Usually the total first consultation and medication bill should be between $100-200 inclusive of meds.

  2. Emma says:

    Hi Doctor.
    I am in my 30s and never had any acne problems in my teens. My face used to be baby smooth. A couple of weeks ago, I had a sudden outbreak of pimples. My face is now very itchy and there are tiny blister like bumps on both my lower cheeks. May I know if this is treatable and what is the cost of the first consultation and the treatment?

    • adminpim says:

      Acne is treatable with correct medication. The cost of the first consult and treatment , including medications is between $100-200

  3. Efnidah Ahmad says:

    Hi Good Day
    I have some scars and pimples on both of my lower cheeks and chin recently.I have this pimples recently and im currently at my early 40s.I does not have pimples since young but only occasionaly during menses but recently lots of pimples start to build up suddenly and it leaves black scars.I have tried nos of creams but nothing seems to work and its making me depressed.Can you please advise me what kind of treatment should i take and how many sessions does it requires to completely remove the black scars and pimples and how much does it cost?Thank you.

    • adminpim says:

      Black scars respond to q switch laser and pimples require a change of skincare regimen. A simple approach will drastically improve your skin. On average 3 months is needed to get clear skin.

  4. Tan says:

    Hi I am 34. Last time my face was generally quite clear w no big acnes. But since yr 2015 my face suddenly breakout into a horrible state. It Was really terrible till I need a mask to go out. I had never got such an issue even during puberty. Currently I had scars and cystic acne without any heads keep popping aft it subside without needed to wait for 2 weeks another came and is quite annoying. I wanted to go for treatment however to be honest cost is the main issue. Is there any instalment without credit card

    • adminpim says:

      We have low and high cost options for treating acne. Given your budget, we can always tailor a solution for you. There would be definite improvements to your skin after the treatments.

  5. Reen says:

    Good evening Doctor,

    Im 35 this year and have very deep prominent acne scars on my cheeks and nose.(just name any types of scars,I have it.) My acne is no longer active but never ending of whiteheads (like a factory) and occasionally blackheads. My face complexion is totally hideous and it took a toll on my social life and cosmetics just make my scars more prominent.

    This is my first time seeking a professional advice regards to scarring

    Kindly advise.


    • adminpim says:

      If your scarring is deep, you will need aggressive therapy with Infini, subcision and possibly full-CO2 ablation. I have many patients with severe scars and they have all benefited cosmetically and socially from the acne scar treatments. Hope this provides you with some hope!

  6. Zack says:

    Where is the place to do this treatment

  7. koh yi yong says:

    Will it hurt because I am still young and afraid of painful experience

    • adminpim says:

      There are a variety of treatments and different levels of pain. Usually the less painful treatments don’t go so deep, so the results aren’t that good. Depending on the type of scars you have, for example, if you have only pigmented scars, the Q-switched NdYAG laser is not really painful and works very well.

  8. Muhammad says:

    Hi. What do you recommend for someone with serious closed comodones problem (manyyyy tiny little bumps on face)?

    What would be the product cost and are there many products involved? I believe that I’d given up too many times from many clinics due to irregular usage of products, mainly because it is too time consuming with so many products!

    Also, what is the estimated recovery time?

    • adminpim says:

      I like a simple routine especially for guys, that’s easy to follow. Usually just a wash, a moisturizer and an acne cream is enough for most cases.

  9. Tan says:

    Hi, I have blemishes & box scars left. Looking to clear them away. I’m looking to do fractional & subsicion for the depressed scars. What do you recommend and what are the rough estimates for pricing wise?

    May I know where is your clinic located at and the contact no I could call to book an appointment please?

    Thank you in advance!

    • adminpim says:

      blemishes respond to Q-switched NdYAG laser sessions, and boxcar scars are best cleared with Infini or Fractional CO2, although subcision is recommended for deep scars.

  10. william says:

    I have a few icepick scars, what should i do

    • adminpim says:

      If you only have a few scars, you can do selective subcision on those scars, or Infini if there are a lot. Scar excision is also a possibility.

  11. erlina says:

    I just ask ,,where the place ..
    I have problem with my pemple in my face

  12. Nithiya says:

    Hi! I have dark brown acne scars mostly old scars on my cheeks due to acne and I would like to clear that up. What treatment would you recommend and how much will it cost? Thank you.

    • adminpim says:

      Dark brown scars are simple to clear up, but require quite a number of sessions of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. At appropriate settings, the resolution can be quite fast and often complete.

  13. aaron lim says:

    Hi Doctor, I am at a loss on which treatment I should go for acne marks and uneven skin surface/scars. Is chemical peels or lasers be better to treat? and how much does it cost? and Is it possible to do the treatments If I am on *BLOCKED BY GOOGLE* oral medication? regards.

    • adminpim says:

      For acne marks, Q-switched NdYAG laser is good at a specific fluence and energy. For uneven skin surface, my current recommendation is fractional CO2 done aggressively, or Infini. Deep chemical peels are losing favour due to the high complication rate, but they do work and can be cost effective, but are very risky. DO NOT DO CHEMICAL PEELS if you are on *BLOCKED BY GOOGLE* oral medication. The risk of complications is unacceptably high. If you are on low dose, you can still do some laser and Infini treatment. All depends on your current skin condition… and how inflammed or dry it is after the oral treatment.

  14. Joycelyn says:

    hey there.
    I’ve had pimples now and then but never once did it scared
    but four months back, I started breaking out massively and brown/red spots remains there after recovery of individual pimple,
    and every single day without fail, 1-2 pimples will pop out on my face.
    pimples doesn’t matter but the scar/spots(whatever it is) it leaves behind is just devastating.

    I’m also afraid that the laser would hurt as I’ve tried chemicalpeel p2x etc before and it really hurts.
    Can I also just consider the laser treatment without purchasing creams?
    Thank you.

    • adminpim says:

      Yes you can try the laser treatments. The laser for the pigmentation is not painful, and will accelerate the healing of the pigmentation. It can be done without using creams, but I usually prescribe something to control the acne so that there are no new scars being formed even as we treat the old scars.

  15. rebecca says:

    Hi, ive seen your other response about laser treatment for facial scar and would like to hear ypur advice if I have a combination of atrophic scars,boxcar scars and icepick scars. Kindly advise the type of laser treatment you would recommend and the est. cost per session of treatment. I suppose 3-4 session is the norm. Thanks.

    • adminpim says:

      I would recommend either Fractional RF or Fractional CO2 treatment. Both these treatments can treat the scars you have, although if you have deep scars, Fractional RF is better. I can’t give you the exact number of sessions that you will need, because this depends a lot on your expectation of the final result and also how well your skin heals. Younger skin tends to heal better, ladies get better and faster results than men, and non smokers have better scar healing in general. Ladies also have higher expectations than men so they tend to go for more results. For deep scars, Fractional RF can treat scars that Fractional CO2 cannot touch at all. If you have ice picks and deep box cars, I would definitely recommend Fractional RF. If the scars are not that deep, then maybe you can consider Fractional CO2. 3-4 sessions of RF will get you very good results, equivalent to maybe 12-15 sessions of CO2.

  16. Mela says:

    Hi, I want to ask how much is the 3D facial?
    Thank you.

    • adminpim says:

      Current price is about $200 per treatment, price varies depending on the package and different types of masks you select.

  17. Karen says:

    im having problem with body pimples from neck, upper arms, chest and back. all my siblings also got this problem.i think its frustrating as im not able to wear clothes that will show these areas. need your advise.

    • adminpim says:

      You can consider either oral antibiotics, oral iso, or sprays for treating the acne if it’s mild. To lighten scars, we do full body laser to accelerate healing.

  18. Evangelyn Ragus says:

    Hi po marami po akong scar sa legs since i was 5 yirs olds mata2ngal po na? And mag kanu po? Hi please please me much scar on legs since I was 5 yirs olds mata2ngal po? Kanu and to please?

    • adminpim says:

      Leg scars can be treated with a variety of treatments. Usually it is the brown marks, which lighten with a series of Yag laser treatments.

  19. Azhar says:

    Hi I would like to know if you guys are able to treat back acne marks.and how much is the cost?

    • adminpim says:

      Yes we are able to treat back acne scars. Depending on the severity, the price ranges from 250-500 per treatment and several treatment sessions are needed. The back heals much slower than the face, so likewise, treatments for the back take more sessions thn treatments for the face.

  20. Nurul says:

    Hi there, I’m currently having severe closed comodones breakout on my forehead n side temples n it doesn’t seem to get better.. Can I know the price n treatment for my condition.. Thank u

  21. hana says:

    hi, I would like to know can i also get treatment for legs? I have scars on them & want to peel off cox i once did laser & it was a fail. how much will it cost?

    • adminpim says:

      It really depends on the type and severity of the scars. We have treatments for all kinds of scars, ranging from pigmented to raised bumpy scars to depressed scars.

  22. Cons says:

    I’ve acne since my teens until now at my 30s. I’ve bad scarring and sever acne and what makes matter worst, I am pregnant and I’ve acne all over my chin & jaw! It is even moving towards my neck! I am very depressed. Do you have a treatment or skin care regimen that is suitable for pregnant woman? And how much does it cost?

    • adminpim says:

      Hi, the treatment for pregnant ladies is slightly different as there are limited options available. We can tailor a regimen that is safe for your baby and will reduce your acne, although in some situations this may not completely clear up your acne as a lot of the stronger treatments for acne can actually cause severe harm to your baby. These need to be avoided.

  23. Zelda says:

    I’m depressed everytime pp stared at my ice pick scar, no amount of make up could cover it. 4yrs ago i went to another skin doctor but the rates are pretty high for 1st session of chemical peel n laser. I would like to enquire how much does it cost for consultation fees n treatment for ice pick scars? how long will the treatment take? Aftermath must I be on a week medical leave coz I presume of the redness n peeling.

    • adminpim says:

      Ice pick scars are to hardest type of scars to treat and require more treatments than shallower scars. Consultation fee is $80-100 and the treatment takes about 15 minutes. The “aftermath” will take about 3 days to clear up 🙂

  24. anna says:

    hi i have oily skin, pores and pimples. what kind of treatments do i need and it would cost around? im only 16, so can i come on my own?

    • adminpim says:

      You need to control your acne. We can suggest a simple and effective skincare regimen that controls the acne, and this can be tailored to your budget. I think about $100-200 for a 3 month course of medication is realistic. Under 18s can consult and take medication, but for invasive procedures, we will require a parent or guardian to accompany you on the first treatment.

  25. Jernice says:

    I have had some acne scars problem on both of my upper arms and also very bad back acne since i was 13 and now, i am 20 already but the acne problem does not seem to get better and eventually left dark pigmentation and scars behind.
    Can i enquire how much does the treatment per session would cost for the whole back and upper arms?
    What kind of treatment and how many session would you recommend?
    As i am graduating from college next year April and really hope that i will be able to dress myself in a beautiful sleeveless tube gown for my graduation prom than. Kindly advise me. Thank you.

    • adminpim says:

      The cost is $500 for the full back and arms. Since the back heals a lot slower than the face, more treatment sessions are needed. You are looking at maybe 10-15 twice-a-month sessions. The condition should be much better by next April, if your existing acne is contained.

  26. Ray says:

    I have alots of acne problem in my face.i want to treatment them so how can I contact & where and and how about it cost until the fully recovery?

    • adminpim says:

      Hi Raj, acne treatment is dependent on the severity. I have a number of different protocols for each severity of acne, each individual skin type based on race, color, and sensitivity of skin. I will tailor the treatment also based on your budget and whether you can commit to using products regularly etc (I usually prescribe regimens that require less work for guys, as some men may find it troublesome to apply creams regularly to the face). There are too many permutations and combinations to describe in a short post, so if you like, we can have a consult and I can walk you through your acne problems.

  27. Sheila says:

    I have a bad breakout of red bumps (possibly pimples too) on my back after waxing.
    Any treatment available to get rid of them? And how much, how many sessions?

    • adminpim says:

      Hi, We have a few good treatment creams and sprays for the back acne. If it is severe, I sometimes start my patients on a course of antibiotics or oral retinoids. Usually this resolves completely after about 2-3 months, but you should see good improvements from the first month.

  28. jules says:

    I have a sensitive skin. Last 2 mths I took a supplement n my faces full of pimples. Very very depressed as my job i need to face top level management.
    Anyway i can quickly treat my pimples n make sure no more breakouts in future?
    Please help!

    • adminpim says:

      There are ways to quickly treat acne. Adjusting to a suitable skincare regimen which is not sensitizing to your skin, and yet controls oil is important. I have a range of wash/lotion/creams suited to very sensitive skin. Often the side effect for conventional acne creams is dryness, redness and peeling. With this new range, I have experienced very few such problems and side effects, yet the clearance of acne is surprisingly good!

  29. Boon says:

    Hi, can i know if for several acne marks(not scars) and several acnes and oil spots, how much would consultation and medicines costs and how long will it take to fully recover? Thanks!

    • adminpim says:

      For treating acne problems, our consultation fees are 80-100 for the first time only. We don’t charge for subsequent consultations. This is to discourage time wasters (patients who just come in to ask a lot of questions without actually going for treatment) from taking up time from real patients who need our care. Overall I feel that this is even cheaper than going to a GP. GPs will charge you for every subsequent consultation and follow up. Our creams/wash/lotions etc are carefully curated and we can tailor it to your budget and skin condition. It can range from less than $100 to $2-300 depending on various factors. These usually last for a few months, so the per month cost is also quite low. The typical course of recovery is about 30-40% improvement by month 1, and complete or almost complete resolution by 3 months.

  30. Fred says:

    Hi im 18 this year and schooling. I’d like to know what type of treatment can be done to cure pigmentation caused from squeezing and acne. Slight scarring too. How much would it cost too per session, considering that it’s my first

    • adminpim says:

      I like to use lasers to treat the pigmentation. The cost is about $280 per session. At your age, acne can recur. Getting on a good skincare regimen will help reduce further breakouts so that’s more important than lasers at this point. I can help you with an affordable solution that will greatly reduce the number of breakouts thus preventing further scars.

  31. Jathan says:


    I started developing pimples last december and it got worse for the past few months. I would like to ask other than oral medications, are there any methods to stop it? (ive tried tea tree oil, benz*yl per*xide (got very bad results from it)).


    • adminpim says:

      Tea tree oil has only a mild antibacterial property and is overrated for acne treatment. At best, it can treat mild acne. Benz*yl per*xide is OK for mild acne, and in combination with other creams is OK for moderate acne. The side effects of redness and drying can be quite severe. I suspect that you need a stronger dose of acne treatment than what is available over the counter. There are too many different types of acne products on the retail shelves purporting to treat acne, however these work only for mild to moderate acne. Most people don’t know that. For severe acne, you are doing yourself a disservice if you keep trying these retail products with no success. While you are trying and trying for months, your skin is getting worse and worse and you are accumulating more and more scars. Acne is easily treated. Scars are a different story. They take more time, money and pain to treat. Some are permanent and cannot be removed. So please see a doctor if you have tried over the counter medicines without success. Most of my patients do not need oral medications, but some with sever acne benefit greatly with a short course of oral meds.

  32. k k says:

    my back acne is quite bad, i have previously went to national skin centre but the medicine they gave me did not really stop it from coming back again. so what kind of treatment will i be expecting here?

    • adminpim says:

      Hi, I like to use a combination of spray and cream for mild back acne. Severe back acne needs oral antibiotics, or even tr*tinoin. The paradigm you need to understand is that back acne recurs easily, and you may need to be on maintenance treatment for a few months (some patients even years) in order to treat.

  33. laine says:

    Hey , I was thinking if consultation plus cream how much would it be at least without any laser treatment (I got not much money ) and how many time must I visit the doctors after each session?

    • adminpim says:

      The consultation is $80 to $100. The creams can be adjusted to suit your budget, but typically can range between $100 – 300. They will last a few months, so actually the cost per month is not high. I usually don’t charge for repeat consultations. This is so that we can see you frequently to adjust the dosages to fine tune to your skin.

  34. Siva says:

    Any side effect immediate or long term on your treatment?

    • adminpim says:

      Hi Siva, that’s a good question. All treatments have possible side effects. Lasers and RF treatments may cause changes in pigmentation, whether lighter or darker. However, with judicial use, these are few and far in between. I have had a handful of cases of these complications (less than 10) in my years of treating patients. All of these complications resolved with followup treatment. There are other common complications after laser treatments, like activation of an acne breakout, or cold sores recurrence. Our consent form covers most of these complications in more detail.

  35. pris says:

    hi,i would like to ask if $200 be enough to go for a peel,inclusive of consultation n med?

    • adminpim says:

      The price for a peel is $250. We do a deep salicylic acid peel which jump starts you on the treatment of acne. Consultation is $80. Hope this helps! I understand our prices are slightly beyond your budget, but we like to spend more time with our patients, to explain things thoroughly. Acne treatment depends a lot on patient understanding and cooperating with the doctor, so it is better that we explain things in detail so you will understand the rationale of our treatment plan and be better able to stick with it.

  36. ApizzChico says:

    hi im a 17 year old teen guy. having scar and slight pimple problem.
    how much roughly does it cost costs i dont want scar to be on my face.
    is it possible to have clearer skin back?

    • adminpim says:

      Clearer skin is definitely possible. Consultation is $80 and treatments range from creams as little as $30-50 per cream, and lasers for acne scars start from $280 per session.

  37. Dezien says:

    Hi, I’ve clear skin previously and sudden pimple outbreaks for at least 3months. Are there any treatment to wash away the pimple once and for all. Will this pimple outbreak continue for long?


    • adminpim says:

      Usually acne or pimples tend to stay for a period of your life, during which your skin is more oily. For example adolescence or puberty is a common time for one to get pimples. The mainstay of treatment is really to prevent scarring, as scars are difficult to heal. So during the acne period, we will focus on getting your pimples treated and under control. You may need to use maintenance treatment to control the pimples until you are past the stage that you are actively producing acne.

  38. Ng Sheila says:

    I would like to enquire how much does it cost for consultation fees for acne problems and scars? how long will the treatment take? how regular must we come for the consultation and treatment?

    • adminpim says:

      Consultation is $50-80 depending on short or long consultation. The peel for stopping acne takes only 5 minutes to perform. On the other hand, treatment for scars takes on average 15 minutes per session, but there is additional time used for numbing cream to set in which may be up to half an hour. So be prepared to spend up to an hour each session. For followups, I usually schedule them monthly.

  39. Jee says:

    Hi, im 34 this year and i still have acne on my face. Lots of them! My skin is not that oily though. Recently i also notice there’s acne on my back. This is very depressing. Can i know what treatment shld i get and how often and how much it wld cost me? Thank you!

    • adminpim says:

      You need to have a propoer consultation to assess your skin type before we can make any decision on the treatment options available to you. Treatments range from less than a hundred, to several hundred dollars for a month of treatment, depending on severity and patient expectation of recovery times etc. Usually the patients who wish to have a more aggressive treatment will pay more for more intensive treatments. Hope this helps!

  40. Luke says:

    I am down with ance scar and sensitive oily skin. May i know how should i deal with it and how much would it need to treat my problem.

    • adminpim says:

      Hi Luke, you and everyone else on this website! Don’t worry and get a good consultation and treatment for your problem. Most acne problems are easily resolved, but scars take longer and more pain and money of course… So treat acne early before they become serious scar problems.

  41. Kelvin says:


    I’m writing to ask if you have solutions / treatments for dry skin and open pores? Tried going to those facial saloon and they just keep selling packages which i think is just out to milk me dry. 🙁

    • adminpim says:

      Yes. The treatment requires a consultation to determine the type of skin and the cause of the open pores. Usually I like to treat my patients with Fractional CO2 for pores and a good peptide-based moisturizer or similar for dry skin…

  42. Kaedev says:

    Hi! Just want to ask how long will it take to treat pimples and scars? And how many session i need to do it, give me atleast your minimum or maximum session for pimple and scar treatment… Thanks!

    • adminpim says:

      Usually a couple of months to clear the acne, and for scars, depending on the severity could range from half a year to a year…

  43. sri says:

    Hi I would like to know the cost for oil clog,whitehead and pimples treatment?? and how long I will see the result from the treatment????

    • adminpim says:

      It can range from just creams which cost about $30 plus, to peels and lasers, costing 200 plus. Some results are seen usually first week after treatment, improving significantly after a month or two.

  44. WaiLoon says:

    How much it cost? let say like acne problem and scar.

    • adminpim says:

      Acne problems usually cost between $100-200 for consultation and medicines. Scar treatments range from $280 per session and up, depending on the type of treatment.

  45. Christian Eraya says:

    Good Morning!
    I’m thinking twice to have my face be treated.. because this will be my first time to see a doctor regarding a skin problem in my face which is the pimple/s. I just would like to ask how much would it cause me for my 1st session… I’m going back home and I want to let them see that my face is smooth and clean.. I hope you can help me..

    • adminpim says:

      For pimples, I usually recommend a salicylic acid peel or laser on the first treatment (depending on patient) and will recommend a range of products. The price for the laser is $280 and the products usually cost around $100, including wash, creams and medicine.

      • Loon says:

        Scar treatment one time enough??

        • adminpim says:

          Most scars take many years to form, and consequently, may take many months to heal. There is no shortcut. Unless you go for very deep treatments like full CO2 resurfacing (not fractional CO2) or dermabrasion (not micro), which have long downtime and high rate of side effects, otherwise there is no safe and fast known single treatment for scars.

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